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Meet Alyssa

Friday, October 5th, 2012

Hello!  My name is Alyssa, I am 23 and I just recently moved to Hawaii after getting married to my husband  in April 2012 who proudly serves in the army. I grew up in the absolutely stunning Flathead Valley in Montana. I lived there for 20 years. I am the eldest of four sisters so I had my fair share of family babysitting over the years. Along with having my parents in Montana,my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins all live within a 20 mile radius which allowed for family gathering on every holiday, birthdays and Sunday dinners after church . I now see how lucky I was to have such a close and amazing family. I was also very blessed  in the sense that I got to experience so much that Montana has to offer. I spent my summers taking all the opportunities to enjoy the outdoors that I could and I was and I am still willing to try new things whenever possible.

 After high school I went to college at Montana State University to study nursing and para-medicine  While in college I discovered my passion for fire fighting and being an EMT. I proceeded served on fire departments for four years gaining life experience I could get no where else. I then moved to Seattle and became a nanny for 2 separate  families on Mercer Island. I realized that  I was able to serve others more effectively being a nanny then working in marketing so I quit my marketing job and began working  for a nanny agency called Annie’s Nannies where I  was blessed to work with families all over Seattle. I also was presented with the opportunity to volunteer in my church’s Sunday school and was able  to interact and teach children of all different ages.
I am now loving everything Hawaii has to offer and  starting to work on finishing my nursing degree. I hope that with the opportunities I am going to receive  working with families in Hawaii I can share my love for the outdoors, cooking, baking, arts and crafts  and the simple joy of playing on a playground. I try to met all the families needs, understand and respect their parenting styles and see every job as an opportunity to serve and learn from others.