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Meet Melissa!

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

Hey there my name is Melissa and I was born and raised in the country side of Hertfordshire, England. I was raised in a loving family of 6 children constantly surrounded by immediate and extended family. My upbringing was jam packed with good times and plenty laughs. Eventually my older siblings and cousins started families and that’s where I came into the picture! Of course, they all needed a baby sitter and so I took it upon myself to care and tend to the needs of the little ones. The local church group I attended placed me in charge of the nursery that had babies, toddlers, infants, and young children. From there it all just overflowed into an amazing adventure of experiences that took me all around the world.

I have cared for children in Australia and the UK and enjoyed every moment. In the UK I took care of two family’s children, a total of 6 kids for 4 years. I became a second mother to them and shared special life lessons with them all. I enjoyed teaching and watching them grow from nappies to their first day at school. My love for kids took to new heights when I became a Zumba instructor. I was able to not only instruct adults but also instruct the new “Zumba for kids “program in my home town. I learnt how to incorporate my early years of Nannying to benefit a healthy proactive lifestyle for growing children. By trade I am a Photographer and love to photograph families, especially New born babies and children. Often times I hear how challenging they can be in a photo shoot, but I find that I am able to use all my skills to create a fun environment where both parents and children enjoy their time with me.

I am a kind loving warm hearted person that adores and love children. My needs always come second to the needs of your children. I enjoy fun activities, being proactive and fun energizing games with children. My aim is to ensure that my time with your children is not only fun, educational and exciting but also to look out for their safety. I look forward to meeting you and your lovely family!